Why Red Harbour?

Event Planner Edinburgh

Why Red Harbour? We've got a better question: Why run an event? If you can answer the second question, you'll have answered the first.

There are a lot of reasons to run an event, but one of the most important reasons is also the simplest: you want people to be impressed with your company.

So why Red Harbour? We've come up with a simple list:


There are a lot of Event Planners out there, and they can all help you run an event. We believe in running your event, and your event has to be memorable. 

We don't believe in off the shelf packages…where's the fun in that?  We love showing our clients the opportunities available to them.  The options are unlimited but that's where our experience comes in handy.  We’ll help you choose the right event for you.

Our Friends

It's true; you get by with a little help from your friends.  We've worked with lots of people and built up some great relationships.  So when you bring Red Harbour on board, you also get a whole team of people.  With so much creative talent at our fingertips we can select the right people to help us produce your perfect event.


We're very logical here at Red Harbour.  That means we're great at taking all the time consuming, frustrating parts of event planning off your plate.  From coordinating the entire project to chasing up an order, rest assured, we take care of everything.

The Personal Touch

From selecting the venue right down to choosing table decorations, we know that it’s the little things that really make a difference.  We want your clients to experience that wow factor and leave with a great lasting impression of your company.

Involving You

As a Professional Event Planner, we say; no more 'off the shelf packages'.  To make sure of that, we need to understand your company.  We like to involve our clients at every stage and keep you informed in the decision making process. That way, there are no surprises!  So, no spiralling budget and no last minute changes that you’re not aware of.  We keep our work transparent, so you're happy, every step of the way.


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