About Red Harbour

Corporate Event Planning

In some ways, we think of Red Harbour as being born out of frustration. The frustration of seeing great events that could have been, but that never really got the chance. For us, Corporate Event Planning is more than just logistics – it's our way of helping our clients shine.

We hate 'off the shelf' packages.  Why manage the same old event when you have the opportunity to impress people and create a lasting impression by doing something a little more special? 

We always ask ourselves 'why does every corporate event have to be the same?'  The answer is simple…they don't.  We're breaking the mould and introducing a little creativity to the mix. 

Our clients often ask us why our motto is Involving People.  We like to think our events bring us together with our clients and bring them closer to their customers.  Unlike a lot of other Event Organisers, we like to take the time to understand who our clients are.

That's why we're great at adding those personal touches that really stand out.  We know it's the little things that really make an event special and, after all, this isn't just any event...this is your event.

Claire Hunter

Red Harbour Events was founded by Claire Hunter in 2007.   With 13 years of experience in Marketing and Corporate Event Planning, Claire brings together a broad knowledge of events to the Red Harbour team and has a genuine passion for understanding her clients.


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